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American Express FX International Payments offers International wire transfer services to United States-based businesses that have commercial payment needs. The service is not available to consumers. Transactions must be funded from a business bank account with a United States financial institution.

FX International Payments makes it easy, reliable and affordable for businesses to make overseas payments. To apply, you will need to provide some basic information about the business making this application (the "Business"), personal information about you(1), and the owners of the business and other agents.

Please do not use your browser navigation buttons while completing the application as this will result in loss of data, instead use the application navigation buttons - 'Continue' and 'Back' within the application. You can save the application at any time and come back at your convenience. Please provide us with the information requested regarding the Business and the Authorised Officer(1).

The application will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. Click here if you already have an account with American Express FX International Payments.

To download or print a PDF of the application form, click here.

*Required fields

What you will need to complete the application

  • We will ask you for information to verify your identity and relationship with the business.
  • You may be asked to provide certain business documentation at any point throughout the application process.
  • Please contact us for assistance at 1-866-291-1324 or


Basic Information

The first name of the person who is authorized to submit this application on behalf of the business.

The last name of the person who is authorized to submit this application on behalf of the business.

Your title evidencing your authorization to complete this application and legally contract for the business.

The business phone number, in the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

The business phone number, in the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Please enter Business Phone Number in the appropriate format (XXX-XXX-XXXX).

The business e-mail address for receipt of e-communications from us, including legal communications.

Please enter Business E-Mail address (ie:

The business e-mail address for receipt of e-communications from us, including legal communications.

Please confirm the Business E-Mail address (ie:

The name of the business as it appears on Articles of Incorporation or other legal documents.

Note on Sole Proprietorships and Nonprofits:

Sole Proprietorships will be required to provide a copy of their business license and a voided check. Nonprofits will be required to provide a copy of their Federal 990 Form.



(and return later)

(1) When we say "you" or "Authorized Officer," we mean the person who is authorized to (a) complete and sign this application on behalf of the Business, and (b) designate other employees or agents and set and change their authority levels. By submitting an application, you represent and warrant that you are such a person or are the sole proprietor of the Business. You must have authority at least to do all of the following from time to time for the Business: make and amend this application and the contracts in it, designate and modify or delete who may deal with us or access or use our systems on behalf of the Business ("users"), set and change and delete user authorities, amend information about the Business' FX International Payments account or its bank accounts and designate the Primary Contact. FX International Payments is a service of American Express Travel Related Services, Company, Inc., which is referred to in this application as "American Express".

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal Law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each individual who opens an account. We also do this to help us to identify others listed in the application. What this means for you: we will ask for information to help us and others identify persons described in the application, including Social Security numbers and dates of birth, etc. We may also ask to see other identifying documents. We may use all information now and later to help verify account users and to perform and enforce account transactions and terms, except as prohibited by law. Our Online Privacy Statement also applies but does not supercede this notice.We may send you offers about products and services from American Express. For information on how we protect your privacy, please read our Online Privacy Statement.
Click here for information about addressing complaints regarding our money services business, lists of our money services business licenses and other disclosures.