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Primary contact details

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On the Submit application page, you will be required to sign the application. Please note that only a duly authorised person may sign and submit this application, e.g. Business owner, Partner, Director or CEO. Subject to our approval and if your application is approved, you will also act as an administrator ('Customer Admin User') for the account. The Customer Admin User will be authorised to create new Authorised Users and further Customer Admin Users for the account and specify their permissions independently of us.


(and return later)

*When we say "you" or "Authorised Officer", we mean the person who is authorised to (a) complete and sign this application on behalf of the Business, and (b) designate other employees or agents and set and change their authority levels. By submitting an application, you represent and warrant that you are such a person or are the sole proprietor of the Business.You must have authority at least to do all of the following from time to time for the Business: make and amend this application and the contracts in it, designate and modify or delete who may deal with us or access or use our systems on behalf of the Business ("users"), set and change and delete user authorities, amend information about the Business' FX International Payments facility or its bank accounts and designate the Primary Contact. FX International Payments is a service of American Express International, Inc. (ABN 15 000 618 208 AFSL No. 237996), which is referred to in this application as "American Express".